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Qualy Polar Ice Bucket - White Qualy Polar Ice Bucket - White

Qualy Polar Ice Bucket - White


Qualy's polar ice bucket reminds people of global warming and the melting icebergs. The bucket has a double wall, the ice goes into the inner compartment. As the ice melts, the water drips through holes at the bottom of the inner compartment into the outer container. This way, the water is separated from the ice to slow down its melting process. Includes tongs. All Qualy products and packaging are 100% recyclable. Lively and functional in design, all Qualy products are made from recyclable polycarbonate plastic, using food grade color. Includes ice tongs.

Color :White
Material :Plastic
Measurement : Height 8 1/2"; Width 6 1/2" 

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